Vi presentiamo i nostri teachers

Patricia Galea

Teaching English with Miss T..  has been personally and professionally rewarding thanks to the fascinating students and great format.  Learning happens in a social, grown-up setting and good times are had by all.  I'm hooked!

Stéphane Fourinier Mateau

I'm from Canada but I've lived in several cities around the world, usually close to the sea. I arrived in Naples over 10 years ago and I'm loving it... in fact, one of my favourite activities is teaching Miss T.. classes!

Toni Sepe

After teaching at The International School of Naples for thirty years, I was offered a new challenge of teaching adults with Miss T..  The major difference is that while school kids "have" to study, adults "want" to study; therefore,  their motivation is absolutely incredible!  My Miss T.. experience has been both stimulating and rewarding because it allows me to teach people from all walks of life, brought together by a common interest - English!

Sean Patrick O’Connor

Hi, my name is Sean Patrick O'Connor, and i come from the USA.  This is my second year working with Miss T.., and so far I've had a wonderful time....and not just for the tasty treats at every lesson!

Gianluca Avolio

It’s my first experience with MissT.. and I get the chance to work in extremely pleasant locations in such an amazing company. I never had so much fun teaching elementary and beginners and their progresses and enthusiasm are my main weekly gratification.

Alev Onaran

When Annalisa first approached me about teaching English to a group of ladies, I thought it was an interesting concept. I accepted with pleasure and we started our adventure. The combination of informal lessons in a home, with tea and cakes at break, provided the perfect atmosphere for teaching and socializing with new people, and I am happy to be part of "MissT..".

Ana Bellido

Miss T.. para mí es algo más que una clase de idiomas ,algo más que una bonita experiencia .

Miss T.. forma parte de aquellas cosas que alegran la vida .Miss T.. es quererme !!!